• 751 15 Domaželice u Přerova, Česká republika


  • Extension is made of steel strength U profile.
  • Longitudinal and transverse make welded floor grid. Floor grid is terminated by the steel circumferential profile (Walser). There are anchored eye bolts to secure the load.
  • The waterproof anti-skid plywood (27 mm thick) is used on the floor. Because of the driving height, plywood is replaced by steel sheet over the rear wheels of the car. At the place of the trailer are shallow drops in the floor.
  • The front side of the extension is made of waterproof plywood (18 mm thick) which copies cab of a vehicle. In front side is located a winch. On top of the front side is carried out the Electrical installation for trailer connection (used for re-transport).
  • To the rear partition of the vehicle frame a ROCKINGER hinge (a pin of 40 mm) is mounted.
  • All steel parts are galvanized.