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Project name: Minimum customs declarant
Subsidy amount: CZK 4,091.00
Time of implementation: August 2014

With the increasing number of foreign orders that are implemented or are planned in the period of 2014/2015, the need arose in the company for reasons of substitutability for another employee, trained for the job position of customs declarant. Therefore, as part of comprehensive company training, the goal was set to train a newly hired employee in the area of customs regulations. His duties include:

processing of all documentation required for customs clearance of goods, for export and import of goods from countries outside the EU and to carry out customs clearance of individual shipments separately;
processing of the documentation required for sending goods within the EU based on the agreed dispatch plan;
checking the completeness of returned documents related to the movement of goods within and outside the EU;
control of compliance with the conditions of authorization of a simplified procedure for confirming the origin of goods in the form of an approved exporter, application of the rules of origin of goods and control of formal requirements for proving origin, keeping records of issued proofs of origin.
The benefit of the educational activity for society:

increasing work efficiency when handling foreign deliveries by applying knowledge of current customs regulations.
ensuring the mutual substitutability of 2 female employees in the position of customs declarant (increasing the company’s exports abroad requires a greater need for communication with the Customs Office and handling customs matters).
improvement of production management and shipment of goods abroad (smooth handling of customs formalities during the planned increase in deliveries for the period 2014/2015).
The training familiarized the new worker in a practical form with selected provisions of basic legal regulations in the field of customs issues, e.g. entry of goods into the customs territory of the Community, submission of goods for customs procedures, summary customs declarations, temporary storage of goods, customs debt, creation of customs debt, forms of payment, relief payments (postponement, waiting, installments).


Project name: Modeling 3D objects in Autodesk Inventor 2015

Subsidy amount: CZK 78,600.00

Implementation period: September to December 2014

Reasons for implementing the project – educational activities:

renewal of the machine park – e.g. new CNC press brakes with greater capacity (tandem connection) enables the design of parametrically better and cheaper products. It is necessary to switch to designing in 3D modeling on the purchased Autodesk Inventor and Mechanical software (so far only 2D projection). By completing the activity, workers will improve their use of all the possibilities of CNC machines (setting the optimal parameters of products during production);
the new version of the Autodesk Inventor 2015 program enables efficient, fast modeling and includes new or more powerful modules (Inventor Home, designs of large assemblies), with which it is necessary to familiarize the employees of the design department);
after completing the course and deploying 3D software, further shortening of product development (modeling of products before own production for individual orders), increase of work efficiency and saving of funds for creating models is expected.
For this reason, employees of the design department (1 head of the KOVO department, 2 designers and 1 head of construction) were proposed for the educational activity, who can fundamentally influence the success of sales and the competitiveness of the company in the framework of the design and preparation of production. All design workers already work in the Autodesk Inventor environment, designing and modeling product and part designs in 2D, but need to become proficient in the new features and modules of the Autodesk Inventor 2015 program and fully utilize them for 3D modeling.

The benefits for the company are:

a significant increase in the speed and efficiency of the design department’s work by applying a new optimized program,
more flexible response to customer requirements during production and an increase in the quality of the resulting product (simulation of critical points, the possibility of material savings, the possibility of simulating the properties of the prototype in a PC before actual production),
an increase in success in obtaining new orders, the company expects an increase in the number of new offers and a reduction in the time of preparation of technical documentation after completing the educational activity,
optimization of the work of the design department by intensive teaching of new functions of the Autodesk Inventor program in the area of project documentation management,
saving time – preventing expensive mistakes during subsequent production – above all, the ability to quickly respond to changes in conditions, recalculations of delivery prices and calculations, creation of templates.
The training was designed as a continuation of the educational activity “Increasing professional skills in the Autodesk program”, which was implemented in the scope of 4 training days at the beginning of 2014. Despite the intensive training, it was not possible to train the entire issue of the Autodesk Inventor program, especially 3D modeling. Thanks to the new 2015 version, there have also been changes in the design of individual components and in the area of large assemblies (designing more complex products with a higher number of parts). The training was consulted in advance with the supplier of the new version of the software, who knows the needs and level of knowledge of specific employees of the design department