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Program Increasing the efficiency and safety of road traffic

Subsidy amount: CZK 69,970.00

Implementation: July to October 2011

The aim of the program was to increase the efficiency and safety of road traffic

Increasing road safety
Increasing the qualifications of employees
Increasing the efficiency of the operation of means of transport
Reduction of harmful emissions per unit of transport performance
Increasing cargo security during transport
The subsidy was provided to hauliers with their headquarters or place of business in the Czech Republic, who have a concession for the subject of business “road motor transport”.

PLASTIC spol. s.r.o. applied for a subsidy under sub-program n and support for increasing the efficiency and safety of road traffic. In the area of applications for increasing the efficiency of transport and business activity (software and hardware), software was purchased for the evaluation of trips with a device for downloading data, which can be used to analyze data from driver cards, digital tachographs and tacho discs, in the area of means for increasing traffic safety resources and provided transport services, protective helmets, protective overalls, protective gloves, raincoats, tires, seat belts and a breathalyzer were purchased