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We are introducing a new range of lightweight platform superstructures.
Superstructures are intended for vehicles up to 3.5 tons. They are made from high-grade aluminum alloy, which allow strain of superstructure and used properties are maintained.

Standard design of the superstructure:

⊙ Lightweight aluminum body frame with anodized circumferential profile
⊙ Floor waterproof – nonslip plywood 15 mm
⊙ Anchorages in the circumferential profile
⊙ Sidewall and back face are made from aluminum – anodized, with folding height of 400 mm and closures EUROCLIP
⊙ The front face is made of aluminum – anodized with a height of 600 mm
⊙ ROPS cab allowing the transport of long loads
⊙ Corner posts flatbed for eventual installation tarpaulin construction
⊙ Positional lights and reflectors according to applicable regulations
⊙ Plastic fenders and rear axles statements.
⊙ Sideguard and tool box

Variable design of the superstructure:

⊙ Floor waterproof – nonslip plywood 18 mm
⊙ Closures sidewall Kinnegrip
⊙ Sail