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We offer a new ro-ro platform for transporting vehicles. Main customers are builders, earthmovers, gardeners, recyclers and forwarders, shortly said all companies which must bring vehicles and working machines from one place to another without problems and at low costs. Working machines are normally very slowly on the road and need much time to get from one place to the next on their own wheels. With the new PLASTICO platform everything is reduced to „ drive onto the platform and lift the platform with the vehicle onto the lorry or the oposit way when dropping the vehicle. Special lorry for transporting a machine is not necessary. If the allowed transport high is within the allowed limit. Therefore the platform was designed extremely low. Two other advantages the platform offers: Only a normal lorry with a container lifting hook is necessary for transporting and the lorry is free for other jobs after dropping the platform. The design of the platform fulfils all standards of ro- ro containers; even a chain system is available. Two basic versions are offered: light for perm. payload of 12 tons and heavy for perm. payload of 20 tons. The standart dimensions are 6000x2550x1500 (LxWxH), on request also 6500 mm, 7000 mm or other loading lengths are available.