• 751 15 Domaželice u Přerova, Česká republika


The Czech container and steel construction manufacturer PLASTICO spol. s r.o. offers now a huge range of so called Thermo- containers for bitumen transport in the road construction industrie. The containers are all around insulated with 40 and 50 mm mineral wool and are available in three different systems: RO-RO and lift system or as a quick detachable dumper. All are available with one or two chambers. The inlet- flaps can be made from steel or aluminium in one piece or split into two or three pieces. All flaps and the rear outlet- slides can be operated manually and by compressed air or hydraulically. The overall volume reaches from 11 to 15 mł according to demand of the customer and permissible payload of the lorry. Of course smaller or bigger or any special size is possible. All detachable and movable parts are zinc-coated against corrosion. The colours are done on customers request with 2 K- or acryl paints from the German Grönenbacher Lackfabrik, like all products made by PLASTICO