• 751 15 Domaželice u Přerova, Česká republika


The Czech steel construction and container manufacturer PLASTICO Ltd. developed a new line of glass-collecting-containers. The philosophy:
collecting separately – transporting together – emptying separately
All containers are divided in three chambers and are available in roll-on-off- or set- down- design in different sizes. The biggest roll-on-off container has got a volume of 22 mł – 11 mł for white, 7 mł for green and 4 mł for brown glass. From the collecting lorry an empty container is dropped down at the collecting point and the full one just picked up.
The multiple driving with the lorry to the point for emptying all the mini-containers is not necessary anymore. Also the noise and dirt from emptying is transferred to the recycling place. The three chambers are separated by flaps, anti-noise-insulation collecting which can be opened and closed from outside separately. Also to the housewives this container- system means more comfort. They have one container for all bottles at one spot. The inlet- holes are sealed by rubber flaps. Along the container roof is a water- drainage edge that no water runs inside.
Since such containers are mainly placed in living areas, the noise from throwing bottles in can be disturbing and noisy. Therefore all containers have a noise insulation package inside as standart. The RAL- UZ 21 regulation of the German Institut for Quality Insurance is fulfilled. More than 280 container where supplied already to Switzerland.