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Project name: Acquisition of a press brake at PLASTICO spol. s.r.o.
Registration number: 2.2 RV03/2962
Total expenses: CZK 2,998,000.00
Subsidy amount: CZK 1,400,000.00
Implementation period: December 2013 to September 2014

It was a project focused on the acquisition of a tandem press brake – a forming machine for bending sheet metal. The project included the purchase of 2 press brakes with a working length of 3700 mm and a pressing force of 220 t, which will be arranged in tandem, thus enabling the bending of sheets up to 7400 mm in length. Also included in the delivery were ground and hardened tools for bending the material, namely an upper tool and a lower tool with grooves adapted to our production.

Before the acquisition of the new press brake, one press brake was used in the production, which allowed the processing of material with a maximum length of 3700 mm, therefore longer parts of the products had to be purchased from subcontractors or produced in two parts. A press brake with a working length of 7400 mm made it possible to produce these parts in one piece, which eliminated material division and additional welding and increased production efficiency. The tandem arrangement of the presses also contributes to the increase in production efficiency, which enables the parallel bending of smaller parts of the products, i.e. the work of two employees at the same time, bending both the same and different types of products.

The pressing force has also been increased. Thanks to the increase in pressing force from the previous 160 to 220 tons per press, a considerable space has opened up for the processing of newer materials with higher strength parameters. These are mainly Hardox 450, Domex 700, Weldox and similar materials. This increase in pressing force also allows designers new technical solutions for structural assemblies and subassemblies, where they can replace welding with faster and less energy-intensive forming.