• 751 15 Domaželice u Přerova, Česká republika


Project name: PLASTIC IS
Registration number: 2.2 ITP01/181
Total expenses: CZK 1,628,000.00
Subsidy amount: CZK 750,000.00
Implementation period: December 2007 to June 2010

The project was aimed at introducing and expanding the use of the information system while increasing the internal efficiency of the company. The goal of the project was primarily to ensure an increase in work productivity in the company, especially in the area of management, planning and general administration. Thanks to the increase in labor productivity, the goal was also an increase in the potential for securing new resources, opportunities, competitiveness and overall further development of the company. The subject of the project itself was the implementation of a complex ERP/ERM system with elements of managerial evaluation, CRM and the related provision of the necessary hardware base with elements automating selected company processes.

Project outputs:

  • implementation of a complex enterprise information system of the ERP category and its full interconnection with company processes,
  • the introduction of means used to automate selected business processes, specifically the introduction of bar code technology into warehouse management, production terminals, ensuring the monitoring of the production process in real time and the introduction of an electronic attendance system,
  • expansion of the existing technical development workplace with another CAD (Computer-aided design) workplace.